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Step 1: Call Affordable Granite!
  • Thinking about transforming your kitchen or bathroom?  Don't know where to start?  Call us!
  • Know you want granite, and ready to choose your custom options?  Call us!
  • Not ready to commit, but curious about a price?  Call us!
  • Calling Affordable Granite is the first step.  No pressure.  No commitment.  Just the information and assistance you need!

Want help selecting the perfect stone?

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Step 2: Free estimate at your home, at your convenience!
  • You tell us when you're ready for your free estimate and we will meet you at your home, at your convenience to measure your countertop and/or cabinet space.
  • We have time available during the day, after work hours, and on weekends.

Step 3: Choose your stone and all customizable options (Click here to view all customizable options)
  • When you have selected your stone, edge, sink options, faucet options, and other customizable options, we will give you a final price, using the measurements of your space.
  • This price will include everything - no surprises!  It will cover the cost of removal of old cabinets/countertops, all fabrication, delivery, installation, polish and sealant. 

Step 4: Your stone is cut to fit the exact dimensions of your countertops using precision cutting equipment.
  • Following the template measuring, our craftsman will cut the stone you chose to match your countertop measurements.
  • Affordable Granite uses a precision cutting tool that allows the cut to be an exact replica of your space.
Step 4: Your stone is polished and finished into a piece of art, by hand.
  • This is perhaps the most critical process in the transforming the raw material to beautiful countertops.
  • Our skilled craftsman polishes the molds the rock into a smooth, perfect specimen.
  • This requires multiple steps, including the use of over a dozen polishing procedures.

Step 5: Your beautiful new countertops are carefully delivered and installed in your kitchen.
  • When the counters are completed, our skilled craftsman deliver the countertops to your house.
  • Old countertops/cabinets are removed and replaced with the perfectly fitting granite.
  • Sinks and faucets are installed as needed.
  • The counters are sealed to ensure the beauty lasts a lifetime.

And THEN, the customer finally gets to see the final product...perfection!!!!!